Say NO To Brownlow!

NO to Brownlow Lawn Sign

A massive, slab-like development, known as "18 Brownlow," is proposed for the north side of Soudan Avenue between Redpath and Brownlow Avenues. If approved, it will add TWO 24-storey towers on a solid, FOUR-storey bunker-like foundation, and 369 suites to a site previously home to 16 family residences.

That's why we are saying...

"NO to Brownlow"

We are a group of concerned residents, working with the South Eglinton Ratepayers' and Residents' Association (SERRA) to ensure that developments in our area maintain and support what we love most about our neighbourhood.

We are deeply concerned that the size, scope and density of the proposal by developer 18 Brownlow Holdings Ltd. will compromise this special neighbourhood.

We must fight to make sure development supports and maintains the quality of life of the existing neighbourhood. This means we must hire professionals to help make our case at the Ontario Municipal Board.

Lawyers, planners and other experts cost A LOT of money. We need you to Donate Now.


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This site was developed by the concerned community around the proposed 18 Brownlow development in partnership with SERRA. Contact us if you want to know how you can help.